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Ongoing Research Projects

Interdisciplinary Research and Practice: Science, Art, Industry on Interdisciplinary Insititute Complex-X

Keywords:Sustainable Fashion, Carbon Labelling, XR in Meta-verse Industry

Researcher, To-gather: UN-Curating: Arts and Interdisciplinary Collaboration, Pro Helvetia, Swiss Art Council

Keywords:Online Curating, Digital Art, Art Communication and Education

Key Research Projects

Organizer, Southern Cyber Phantom: Localized Cyber Projects and Technological Future in The Global South, Academic Program, CVSZ, 2021

The program poses three neglected questions with the focus of the past, present and future of cybernetics in the Global South. How did first-world cybernetics influence the Global South in the Cold War? How do different regions localize cybernetics? What is the afterlife of Utopian projects with the rise of digital urbanization in the 21st century? It contains the abortively socialist cybernetic projects and its transformation of neoliberally technological life humanities in the discussion of Chilean Cybersyn (1971-1973)and tear gas abuse in 2019, Chinese information fantasy since the 50s and its realization of online urbanization in the 21st century, and global speculative fictions and films of dystopia e-waste and solitude future. Through historical reflection and contemporary digital investigation and production, the dialogues from different guest speakers would take cyber fascination into a social, governmental, and ecological actuality.

Researcher, Online Urbanization and Digital Community, Domus

China & Tencent, 2021

Confronting COVID-19 through digital platforms reconstructs the social and economic system. Based on digital services, digital platforms boost algorithmic innovations in public services, business services and employment. During the pandemic period, digital platforms serve as the online virtual economy and socialactivities of urban and rural areas through the cooperation of digital technology, offline infrastructure, and service facilities, and form a linkage with the production and physical communities, thus providing the production supply chain of the digitalized life services. This paper discusses from the aspects of logistics, human flow, capital flow, information and technological flow, cultural flow, and ecological flow and energy flow, to explore the collaborative relationship between digital platform, government and community.

Researcher, Vibrating Cloud, Design Society, 2021

Vibrating Clouds is an exhibition at Design Society that connects arts, science, and society. It takes air as a public interface that flows between different biosphere layers, understanding air in digital control and capital flow since the 20th century, where chemicals occupy clouds, particulate matter floats in lungs, electromagnetic radiation surrounds the planet. Through installation, videos, and architectural design and costume design, it probes the future possibility of combining scientific knowledge, digital technology and design.

Curator & Researcher, Qiwu: Natural Footprint in Technological Vicissitude, OCAT Institute, 2020

In a form of research-based interdisciplinary art exhibition, this project uses The Stack (Benjamin Bratton) to delineate the earth design framework within "the numerous devices from terrene to ether", and the Qiwu (equality of things by Chuang Tzu) to elicit the unification between landscape and cosmology. Cities embed mountains and rivers, production activities extract energy from nature, and infrastructure transforms the geological state drastically construction technique gradually enters the ecosystem. Based on policies, natural resources, and typology, this project features hydraulic engineering, port trading, industrial bases, spaceports and bitcoin mines in the west of China, Ghost Town in northeast China, and the case of spatial segregation in Hong Kong. Geo-spatial structures transfers heat, humidity, anxiety, silence, watershed, displaying various moods and emotions.

Conference& Talks (Speaker)

■2021, Cold War Cybernetics: Information Fantasy and Power Stratification, Talk of Xiao Liu and Wang Hongzhe, CVSZ

■2021, Global Digital Community: Trans- regional Communication and Network Infrastructure, Talk of Maurizio Carta and Li Zi, CVSZ

2020, Geopolitical Ecology and Ecological Design, Panel Talk with Prof. Lu Mingjun, Curator and Designer Cai Yixuan, Fudan University

■ 2020, Film Talk, South to Come, Norms and Abnormalities in the Imagination,Shanghai Rockbund Museum

■ 2020, Online Talk, African in Guangzhou: Immigration, Globalization and Factory, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

■ 2020, Lecture, Sensible Politics: Two Trajectories of Power Relations in Aesthetics, 706 Youth Space

■ 2020, Forum, Political Theology in Sino-futurism, BPCS (British Postgraduate Network for Chinese Studies) Annual Conference

■ 2020, Online Talk, Digital Economy in Flatland, Interviewed by Dr. Adi Kuntsman, Manchester Metropolitan


■ 2019, Forum, Netizen 21: Beyond Personal Account, China Academy of Art, Hangzhou

■ 2018, Contemporary Chinese Art Film Aesthetics and New Media Communication, at Zhejiang Literature and Art Critics Association Conference

■2021, Technique of Scenography: The Cyber City Aesthetic Shaped by Ideology and Science Fiction, Talk of Chen Qiufan and Liam Young, CVSZ

■2021, Chilean Cloud: Transient Cybersyn, Social Upheavals, and Forensic Investigation, Talk of researcher of Forensic Architecture and key opinion

leader of Chinese technology Xiong Jie, CVSZ

■2020, Media Geology: Logistics, International Strategies and Remote Sensing, Talk of Jussi Parrika, OCT Contemporary Art Terminal

■2020, Algorithm, Sensibility and Eros: Temporality of Media, Talk of anthropologist scholar Dino Zhang,  media researcher Li Mujie and media artist Wu Ziyang, The Magnetic Project

■2020, Representation of Nature: Iconography and Instrument Project, Talk of Metreological scholar Jia Weng

■2019, Sino-Futurism: The Bipolar Kitsch in Geo-Culture Society, Talk of media artist aaajiao, digital anthropologist Gabriel De Seta, CVSZ

Talks (Host)

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