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Chinese Aesthetics





Team Designer:Sijia Zhuang

COSMOTHING focuses on Eastern futuristic aesthetics through sustainable and cultural future design and explores diversified future art and lifestyles from the perspectives of contemporary art, craft design, fashion, music, film, writing and lifestyle.

Especially, it seeks for the creativity of Chinese modern design that integrates traditional aesthetics, materials, and inspirations into the digital age, through 3D rendering, cinematics, and the development of new sustainable materials.

The project is intended to provide a platform connecting academic design with the fashion and cultural industry, and society, shaping dynamic and new languages of Chinese design through podcasts, articles, community, and promotion and media release.

Research & Practice

Complexity-X is a new initiative lauched by UNArt Center – an art space and an integrated communication platform that interlinks technology, art, and education founded in 2019 . Inspired by the complexity theory that emphasizes interactions as a mean to understand complex systems, promotes interdisciplinary communication as a method to solve complex issues.

Related to art design, science and technology, and various industries, Complex-X did visiting research and interview with differnet insitutes: Dipole Tech Shanghai, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Shanghai, China Merchants Cruise Research Institute (CMCI), Impact Hub Shanghai, Creative Technology Laboratory, School of Creativity and Art, Shanghai Tech University.

In 2022, Complex-X has plan to organize panels on the topic of carbon labelling in Chinese fashion texile industry and blockchain technology with Donghua University and other web3.0 organizations.




Researcher & Social Media Planner


Sustainable Fashion, Carbon Labelling, XR in Meta-verse Industry, Blockchain services

Media Arts Exhibition for Fashion Brand


Artist LOXEL x Fashion Brand PEARLONA Exhibition—— Human Haze



Digitally constructed shelf
Fish Scale Texture
White Fabric


Essay Video & Fieldrecording Techno Music

Record Player

The work is a short Sci-fi essay film. Reflecting on the imagination of southern arts and cultures from the north, the essay film rearranges these relevant works in a semi-fictional narration: drowsing in the cinema when watching Once Upon a Time In Hollywood after picking up the unknown bone on the day, the narrator ‘I’ am in a stagnant time. Only drowned train and the copy of Earth is true.

White Fabric

It proposed how human understand the world through ideological fantasies and capital desires. Geography embodied in human's fascination and artworks. Green palm trees, tropical islands and the ocean is a strand of the mystification of the global south, where resorts are flourishing, attracting not only tourists but also artists, filmmakers and anthropologists. Science fiction about the cosmos is the other overview that reflects human's imagination narrated by the space race and propaganda within geopolitical rivalries.

Digitally constructed shelf

The field-recording of the storytelling of Buddhist Dalai by a tour guide in Yunan, Province, China is mixed with techno tempo and traditional Chinese pentatonic scale. It presents the contemporary cultures in the interlacing of the secularization of religions, and the  localization of modern tourist and digital cultures.

The work is uploaded on NFT platform at the cost of 0.02 ETH for its gas fee. It is also an ongoing project exploring the pan-financialization on web3.0, observing both life advantages of blockchain services and the risks of escalating permeation of decentralised liberalism in the personal life by tokens.

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